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Whenever an accident results in death or injuries, there is pain on behalf of all involved regardless of whether it is the family of the innocent driver or the at fault driver. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved. Very rarely are these situations where someone intentionally set out to harm someone else.

I make mistakes everyday and I feel pretty sure most everyone else does as well. When we make mistakes, we should go back to what we learned early on as a child at home and at our place of worship by acknowledging the mistake, asking for forgiveness and making the situation right.

Before I represented only injured people, i used to get hired by insurance companies to defend cases like this on the civil claims – not the criminal claims. The case would usually be assigned to me after the family hired their own lawyer, attempted to resolve the case with the insurance company and then when the case could not be resolved the injured party would file suit. So, usually I would get the assignment 8 to 12 months after the accident happened. It was always amazing to me that I might be the first person to say I was sorry on behalf of my client. I used to lose it. How could the insurance company and all of their representatives be so cold that no one ever said they were sorry? Was I the first person to tell the insurance company and the at fault driver that apologies are free.

The insurance company for the at fault driver knows they are going to pay something to the injured family. The hope is that the injured family hires a lawyer that doesn't handle tractor trailer cases so the case can be settled for less than fair value. Yes, the insurance companies want to settle the case for less than what is fair, is anyone surprised? I travel all over the country helping families that don't receive a fair offer from the insurance company. I have said on many occasions that if the insurance companies would treat people fairly, I'd have to find another line of work.

The facts appear to be that Bernard Middleton turned into oncoming traffic causing the death of Glenn Richard Cliett, Jr. The facts are cold, not fair and hurtful to everyone. An apology is a good start to helping all heal. Fair payment by the insurance company for Middleton is a must since we all pay for the insurance to help compensate the victim's family.

We wish everyone the best and hope the insurance company treats the victim's family well and we also hope Mr. Middleton is treated fairly by the criminal justice system.

Drive Safe – X THA TXT

Say No to Distracted Driving

Jeff Weinstein, Truck Accident Lawyer

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