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While the cause of the accident is still under review, a Merchants company tractor trailer was traveling south on 49 when it struck another 18 wheeler in the rear. The collision caused the death of the Merchants truck driver, Dwayne John.

I wonder if tractor trailer drivers will say the same thing that most of the high school students I talk to say – they get bored when they drive. It certainly makes you wonder if your job is to drive trucks whether everyone is getting bored driving a truck 10 hours a day.

This accident happened at 5:30 in the morning. There is no discussion in the news thus far that identifies the other driver or whether the other driver was injured.

Obviously there are federal regulations on the number of hours a driver may drive a truck per day. We also know that many drivers keep two sets of books showing the number of hours driven vs. the number of hours the government needs to hear have been driven.

Even when there are two 18 wheelers involved in a collision, the driver struck in the rear still has a claim for injuries and property damage if the driver struck in the rear did not have a greater share of causing the collision than the driver who might be referred to as the rear ender.

I think trucks hitting trucks happens more often than we probably hear about. I hope the findings of the investigation are well publicized so we can all learn how to avoid this type of tragedy in the future.

Drive Safe – X THA TXT

Say No to Distracted Driving

Jeff Weinstein, Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer


  1. Gravatar for Jeremy Gray

    I would hope you could have some sympathy towards the driver. He is leaving 3 children behind.

    now as to your english skills I found it difficult to follow your story. Try to just write out a sentence as you would speak it and the story will flow much better. Facts are always nice as appossed to speculation. Thanks.

  2. Gravatar for Jeff Weinstein

    Jeremy, Thanks for you comment. I appreciate the constructive criticism. It sounds like you may know the driver. Please let his family know that our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved in this tragedy.


  3. Gravatar for Jeff Weinstein

    Thanks Meso. I appreciate your comment. I spend at least half a day a week at local schools talking about the dangers of cell phone use and driving. More and more I am getting the feeling that our younger generation cares less about each other than ever before. Do you agree?

  4. Gravatar for Meso

    I agree entirely with you. I just do not know if this is fact ... or is it just the difference between generations.

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