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Congratulations to West Virginia for becoming the 36th state to make texting while driving an offense. The new bank also makes it an offense to drive while holding a cell phone.

When West Virginia recently joined the Big 12 I have to admit that I wasn't all that sure about it. Seeing that the State leadership has the wisdom to ban texting while driving will certainly make me re-think my concerns. It sounds like the people of West Virginia truly care about one another and are willing to take action to stop distracted drivers from selfishly harming innocent victims.

I know many of you disagree with my belief that we should have a nationwide ban on at a minimum texting and driving. I just think it makes it too difficult to police this dangerous activity if we don't have uniform laws throughout the country. It's banned in West Virginia but not banned in Texas yet is banned in

West Virginia put out a press release that provided detailed information on the new law:

The law states that "a person may not operate a motor vehicle on a public street or highway while texting." The law also "prohibits operating a motor vehicle while using a cell phone or other electronic communications device, unless the use is accomplished by hands-free equipment."

The law defines "electronic communication device," as

– Cell phones

– Personal digital assistants

– Electronic devices with mobile data access

– Laptop computers

– Broadband personal communication devices

– Two-way messaging devices

– Electronic games

– Portable computing devices

There are exceptions for those in law enforcement or emergency responders as well as those reporting a fire or an accident. First time offenders are subject to a $100.00 fine. Third timers fines jump to $300.00.

Lives will now be saved in West Virginia. Hopefully, the remaining 14 states will see the light and pass similar legislation soon.

Drive Safe – XTHATXT

Say No to Distracted Driving

Jeff Weinstein


  1. Gravatar for Nevada Daniel

    Distracted driving ( mobile or electronic communication medium ) usage is one of the biggest troubles we are facing on road, hopefully every one agreeing upon this and one after other passing and improving their laws to take care of this type of offenses it's really a great news for state.

  2. Gravatar for Bill Clark

    I wish more states would get involved and the cities within the states. The law enforcement officers should be the first to stop the texting and driving I feel they would set a good example for the other motorist.

  3. Gravatar for Randi

    Cell phone use is out of control. There is no good reason to text and drive, make phone calls, check emails, etc. The danger is not worth the risk. I am hopeful for a nationwide ban.

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