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As an older parent I realize that I may not live long enough to enjoy grandchildren or even see many of the things that my children will live through. That thought pretty much drives my live for the day mentality. Losing one of my children is not something that I can even imagine how I would deal with or be able to handle.

I know life goes on. I see my friend Joel Feldman and the Herculean effort he puts into making sure that others do not suffer like he and his family have suffered over the loss of their daughter, Casey Feldman.

When I read about others that have lost loved ones from the senseless and careless actions of distracted driving, I just feel all of the energy rush out of my body almost as if I've been hit in the gut by a heavy weight fighter. I literally feel as though the life has been sucked right out of me. The following story is an example.

Owen Brezitski, an 8 year old from Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, was killed last year by a distracted teen driver. Owen was killed as he and his family were crossing a street at a cross walk in Harrisburg, PA. Owen's mother, Karen Brezitski, was present and witnessed her son being struck and drug by the car.

A year ago an 8-year old Dauphin County boy was run over by a distracted teen driver and killed, as he crossed the street with his family. Saturday, the anniversary of his death brought people together to raise awareness about distracted driving.

The family created the Launch O' Love foundation to celebrate the Owen's memory and to help assure that other families don't suffer through the loss of a child by distracted driving.

The Launch O' Love event was created in memory of 8 year old Owen Brezitski.

Thank you to the Brezitski family for sharing their story and their efforts to help pass legislation that bans distracted driving, especially among teenage drivers.

Drive Safe – X THA TXT

Say No to Distracted Driving

Jeff Weinstein, Personal Injury lawyer

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