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We all know that drinking and driving is dangerous. We also know that the consequences from drinking and driving accidents are severe. Yet, each morning as I read news throughout the Country I see injuries and deaths related to drinking and driving. Why?

This past weekend a man in Teaneck, NJ, rear-ended a vehicle causing injuries to both passengers in the vehicle rear-ended by the drunk driver. I know we should be comforted by the fact that charges are pending against the drunk driver. I'm not. I know first hand the trauma the injured people have been through and I find no comfort in realizing they will have permanent injuries that there probably is not enough insurance money to cover the injuries let alone provide restitution for all of the damages these innocent victims have suffered.

I am fascinated by our lack of outrage on these continued harms. We read that the innocent driver suffered a lacerated liver and a fractured ankle. The passenger had a fractured femur and ankle. Did you know that it takes like 14000 pounds of pressure to fracture a femur? So let's say the drunk driver has no insurance and the innocent vehicle has no insurance. Do you know who is going to pay for all the medical if there is no health insurance? That's right, you and me. What if there is only minimal insurance? That's right, you and me.

Shouldn't we want higher legally required insurance limits so the innocent victims can have enough insurance available to pay for the medical expenses, the pain and suffering associated with this unnecessary harm and the out of pocket including wages the innocent victims experience?

The true problem is that this happens everyday in this Country. Are we just socialized that if it's not us, it's not our problem?

If the bad actor, the drunk driver, goes to jail, who pays for it? That's right, you and me. What do you think?

Drive Safe – X THA TXT

Say No to Distracted Driving

Jeff Weinstein, Dallas injury lawyer

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