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I tell my three girls that they are much smarter than boys. I also tell them how much I love them, trust them and respect them. Today I'll be breaking some new news to them. Even though they hear me daily discuss the dangers of cell phone use and driving, a study of teen during distractions conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety recently showed that teen girls are twice as likely as teen boys to use their cell phones and drive a car.

If you have a moment today, I commend the AAA site dedicated to providing this information to the public. Great facts and data at this site.

We truly are at a crossroads on this issue. This should not be a Pinto issue for us where some accountant determines that the value of human life is cheaper than resolving this deadly dilemma. We should consider this a major public health issue and confront it with the solution – a ban on cell phone use nationwide.

Why should we keep the medicine out of the hands of the people that need it the most? The way to stop this addiction is simply to outlaw it. When people violate the law we will need to have strong enforcement that educates first time offenders and when they become repeat offenders the punishments will need to become more severe. Like most harmful activities, we have a number of people, probably 20%, who are going to cause a majority, more than 80%, of the harm.

My thanks to the AAA Foundation and its President Peter Kissinger for their wonderful efforts to expose the true facts of the dangers of distracted driving.

Today my daughters will hear the story that they must share the fact that teenage girls are twice as likely to cause horrible consequences related to something so selfish and foolish as a text message or unnecessary phone call. I want them to tell all of their friends as well.

Drive Safe – X THA TXT

Say No to Distracted Driving

Jeff Weinstein, Dallas injury lawyer

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  1. Gravatar for Darlene Gleffe

    Very well put Mr Weinstein.. I might add it is not socially acceptable behavior to talk on your phone while driving..Teenagers are afraid to look stupid.. They know it is wrong..And if they are caught that's stupid. People did not want to wear seat belts. But look how many lives have been saved by wearing them..A Nation wide banning cell phones behind the wheel is a necessity. Madd worked hard to get stronger penalties. For drunk drivers. The same needs to be done with cell phone use..It only takes seconds. SECONDS for a FATAL tragedy to happen.. No one wants to loose a child because they were not wearing a seat belt or hit by a drunk driver...A TEXT mess A PHONE CALL since less. Keep up the great work..Thank you, Darlene

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