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I just don't get it. Why don't people wear seatbelts and why don't they restrain their children properly? I just read about a car accident on the Texas New Mexico border that kills three and injures several others. The wreck happened when a vehicle ran a stop sign and hit another vehicle.

You don't want to wear a seatbelt because you think it restricts your freedoms – ok – but your 2 year old child? I know it sounds harsh, I'm sorry. Naturally, my thoughts and prayers to out to everyone involved.

My issue is that we should restrain children properly in their car seats. There is no reason for this 2 year old to now have a traumatic brain injury from this collision. However, it appears that he did sustain a head injury. Who ultimately bears the responsibility to care for him now? We all do. If he requires care not covered by health insurance, it will take government assistance to help this child.

I probably should not write these posts right after I read the stories. It just really upsets me to think that some innocent child's life has now been destroyed by the failure of a caregiver to properly restrain the child.

What do you think?

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Jeff Weinstein, Dallas injury lawyer


  1. Gravatar for Jacob

    Obviously a heart-wrenching tragedy for all those involved.

    I don't understand why anyone would choose not to wear a seatbelt when we know that there are drunk drivers, distracted drivers, drivers who run stop signs and red lights, etc., out there.

    And regardless of whether someone chooses to wear a seatbelt or not, you would think they would at least make sure their child is properly restrained and safe as can be.

  2. Gravatar for Garrett

    Truly, truly sad.

    The fact that this child was not restrained is devastating. Not to mention that wearing a seatbelt, at least in Texas, is a state law. I'm sure the caregiver in this situation is facing an unbelievable amount of grief and sorrow.

    To think that it might have been averted by simply buckling a seatbelt really makes one contemplate the importance of seat belts, and the laws in place to educate the public on their importance.

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