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Two family members are dead and a third is in critical condition in Colorado. The cause is still under investigation but preliminary reports indicate the driver that struck the three family members was distracted by his cellphone.

News reports identify the driver as Michael Grennan of Loveland, Colorado. It appears that he struck the three from behind as they were walking on the shoulder of the roadway this past Saturday.

Mr. Grennan has a prior criminal record that includes charges of driving under the influence of alcohol and animal cruelty according to FoxDenver.

Grennan has not commented publically but his wife, Hope, has stated that he was not using his cellphone, rather he looked away only for a second. She included her prayers for everyone involved.

At a recent forum I attended online, the experts suggested a two second rule for any type of distraction. If the distraction takes two second or less, you should safely be able to negotiate the vehicle during the distraction. Anything beyond two seconds is not safe.

The police have taken Mr. Grennan's phone in for inspection. Obviously, trying to determine the exact moment of the crash and whether the phone was being used at the time of the incident is very difficult – especially if there is a denial the phone was being used.

I am a true believer that you are innocent until proven guilty. I just know based upon my interaction with young drivers and speaking at civic organizations throughout East and North Texas that using a cell phone and driving is something most everyone does and admitting that they were on the phone when something bad happens is not something most, if any, would admit to doing.

This is the time of year that people walk, ride bicycles and do other outside activities that require drivers even be more careful and paying greater attention.

No family should have to grieve a loss like this. What a tremendous tragedy for the famly and the community.

Please drive carefully and stop using your cell phone while driving.

Drive Safe – X THA TXT

Say No to Distracted Driving

Jeff Weinstein, Car Accident attorney

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