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Recently I have read where several states are deciding whether to outlaw cell phone use for bus drivers. I find it absolutely amazing that this is even an issue. What school district doesn't already have a policy that prohibits cell phone use among their bus drivers? Please show me one parent that wants their children driving on a school bus with a driver that is using their cell phone.

I did a little research to see what the qualifications are for driving a school bus. Most of the online information advises that you must have a good driving record and take a couple of weeks of classroom and on the road driving. A bus driver must also be able to memorize a route schedule. Some school districts require a high school diploma. In all of my review I did not see any training on driving a bus and talking or using a cell phone at the same time.

No offense to all the wonderful people that drive our children to and from school but the idea that they would even consider using a cell phone and driving while children are on the bus is just ridiculous. Isn't it just enough that they have to deal with 25 screaming kids let alone try to concentrate on a phone call at the same time?

If this issue comes up in your local neighborhood, I hope you will let your local authorities know exactly how you feel on this issue and advise them that you don't want the children to come into harms way because the bus driver wants to drive a school bus with children on it and talk on the cell phone at the same time.

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Jeff Weinstein, Dallas injury lawyer

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