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My thoughts and prayers are with all of the families who are struggling today to understand and cope with the loss of Colerain High School juniors Miranda Lane, 17, and her passenger, Mathilde Jessen, who were killed in an automobile crash this past Thursday in Bulter County. Mathilde was a foreign exchange student from Denmark.

Initial reports indicate that Miranda failed to yield at a stop sign and was struck by an 18 wheeler.

There are no reports yet of why Miranda failed to yield at the stop sign. I'm not trying to place blame or find blame. My purpose for discussing this information is hopefully find out information that can be provided to others to make sure no other family must suffer through this type of tragedy.

How many times have you pulled in front of an 18 wheeler? Usually, we are trying to beat a vehicle across an intersection, pass a tractor trailer or distracted in one form or another.

The information known thus far is that Miranda was on her way to her prom date's house to get a permission slip that was required to attend the prom. Instead of pictures from a prom, her family stated they will be burying Miranda in her prom dress.

Miranda's mother knew something was wrong when she did not respond to text messages or phone calls.

I hear this all the time in the presentations I give on distracted driving. I have to text or pick up the phone if my parents are calling me while I'm driving. No, you don't have to. Parents need to understand that you can't tell your kids not to text and drive and then text the children the entire time you know they are driving.

When you are going over your list of Prom do's and dont's, please let your children know it's ok to drive without using the phone. They can check in when they get to where they are going. Please include instructions to drive carefully, use patience and don't worry if you get behind on time -everything will be just fine if you are few minutes late.

Drive Safe – X THA TXT
Say No to Distracted Driving

Jeff Weinstein, Dallas injury lawyer


  1. Gravatar for Stacy

    Agreed. It so sad that the good intentions of loved ones & parent's to watch out for family and children are the very same things that are placing them in danger. As adults and peers we should lead by example and not, 'do as I say'.

  2. Gravatar for Nicki

    I hope very much for this family's sake that the mother's texts/calls were not a contributing factor in this accident!

    Recent awareness of distracted driving has led me to be more cautious when I start to text a friend or family member. If I know a loved one is driving, I wait until they get to where they're going and it's safe to communicate with them, versus texting/calling while they're on the road. Suffering a little impatience is not worth someone's life!

  3. Gravatar for Jacob

    I think we all (some more than others) take driving for granted at times. We're not always focused, we get bored, we're easily distracted, despite operating a two-ton missile at 30+ MPH.

    I can't speculate as to why Ms. Jessen didn't stop at the sign. However, I think minimizing all distractions when driving needs to be a priority for everyone.

  4. Gravatar for Randi

    Very devastating to hear what happened. Hopefully this will open the eyes of others. I think of my kids, and there is no message worth risking their lives or someone else.

  5. Gravatar for Ashlie

    My thoughts and prayers are with the family that lost their loved one. Parents should stress to their children the dangers of distracted driving.

  6. Gravatar for Garrett

    I agree with Jacob, that we all take driving for granted. Also, most drivers seem to be oblivious to anything else but their own problems/concerns while driving.

    Prayers and thoughts to this family.

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