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An accident in South Korea has resulted in three professional cyclists being killed. The cause of the crash appears to be a tractor trailer driver who was watching TV at the time of the accident, near Seoul.

The truck ran into a van that was part of the cycling team that then hit the cyclists killing them instantly and injuring four other people. The cyclists' coach was in the van trailing the bike riders.

You can only imagine how technically advanced electronics are in South Korea. Many vehicles have television screens in the cars but the screens are supposed to cut off when the vehicle is in motion. However, if you can put something in a car, someone will figure out how to make it work whenever they want and not just when the car is stopped.

There is a law banning drivers from viewing televisions while operating their cars but there is no penalty for wrongdoers. Really, no penalty for killing three innocent victims and injuring four others? Should we be surprised when people engage in dangerous conduct that have no consequences?

The Korea Transportation Safety Authority reports that 5505 people were killed in 226,878 auto accidents in South Korea in 2010.

I know many will be upset when I say this but we have a worldwide epidemic that we must work together today to resolve so that innocent lives stop being taken for no reason!

Drive Safe – X THA TXT

Say No to Distracted Driving

Jeff Weinstein, Dallas injury lawyer


  1. Jeff:

    Great article, but who could be upset hearing that it's a worldwide epidemic?? I remember about 10 years ago reading about the text messaging epidemic in Korea and questioning why Americans hadn't "caught on. Asia was way ahead of us in texting, and no doubt lost many young drivers before we ever heard of T9!

    Again, great article, and it was great meeting you.

  2. Gravatar for Jeff Weinstein

    Thanks Joe. I appreciate the comment. People don't like being told that they can't do something. I'm asking people to stop using their cell phone and driving. I know many will continue to do it thinking they can. I feel certain we will find out soon that the research will confirm that we are not hardwired to drive a car and use a cell phone.

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