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Between 1979 and 1983 I experienced the absolute best times of my life except for marrying Christi and the births of our children. Those were the years I was at the University of Texas. Austin was only about 400,000 people then and six street wasn't anything like what it is today although the transition was in full swing.

There were a lot of great music venues. I certainly didn't realize at the time how good we had it. The concerts that came through were incredible. I saw so many awesome bands that I can't even remember how many concerts I attended.

I do remember one in particular. It was Van Halen. David Lee Roth was the front man during this period for Van Halen. This was just plain and simple rock and roll and we loved every minute of seeing them live. I remember the guy next to me standing in his chair and falling over backwards landing on his head only to be carried out by police. I remember the smoke that filled the arena – both legal and illegal. I can still hear David Lee Roth screaming "I forgot the f''ing words Man."

Last night I saw Van Halen again. The crowd looked a little different than it did 30 years ago. We all looked quite a few years older. Most of the guys had gotten a little bigger around the edges. The girls were fully dressed. There was no smoke. Instead of lighters throughout the concert everyone around me was filming the show with their cell phones.

Watching Eddie Van Halen play a guitar solo is truly incredible. At 56ish he still has the same musical talent that made you scream for hours when I say him initially. His brother still rocks on the drums and his son is pretty amazing on the bass. I was a little disappointed in David Lee Roth but let's face it I'm not the same guy I was 30 years ago either.

Seeing Van Halen brought back some really great memories of those four (4) years I spent in Austin. Although life is very good, it's just not like it was in 1982.

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Jeff Weinstein


  1. Gravatar for Glenn Mckenzie

    I've been seeing van halen since 1982 and last night was as amazing as I've ever seen, DLR was "On FIRE" as was the whole band! I could elaborate but that says it all.

  2. Gravatar for Damon Bassett

    As a sr. In high school in 1983 seeing VH for a price of 11$. Seeing them also at the Texas Jam as always the headliner they Demanded....In 2008 seeing Dave back after so long me and my son whose age is same as Wolfie went to my son's first concert and no other than VH. As they started the years came flooding in!!! Last night we enjoyed them again my wife and I friends and my son and girlfriend .For this I thank Van Halen for NEVER being an opening act for anyone. My hat is off to you humbly.

  3. Gravatar for Doug

    Followed VH since the beginning and I saw them in May in Vancouver, my 8th time overall, including 3 times with Sammy. Sure DLR can't kick as high as he used to but he's nearly 60 now! One thing to clarify on the previous post by Damon, VH has opened for other bands, especially in their early years supporting their first two albums. They also opened for the Stones in New Orleans78 and Orlando 81, AC/DC in 84 Monsters of Rock and lastly Bon Jovi in 96 in Europe - which many VH still can't believe!

  4. Gravatar for Jeff Weinstein

    Thanks for all the comments. Doug, you have some great information. Thanks for giving us the inside scoop. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


  5. Gravatar for Patty

    I saw them Wednesday night with my 20 year old daughter. They were AMAZING!! I relived my teen years right then. And, ummmm..there was some "funny" smell emanating from the top rows right above us ((cough)).

    I'll see them again next year if I can :)

  6. Gravatar for Jordan

    Saw them first time in 78 at Texxas jam and last night in SA. I feel sorry for the fans in the tour canceled cities, they will miss a fantastic show. I am so glad I went. They were great!

  7. Gravatar for Terry

    Also a lifelong fan, Seriously disgusted by DLR's "performance" which showed a serious lack of respect for the band and the audience. The guy didn't even try. Eddie was amazing though.

  8. Gravatar for Mark

    Agree. I saw them in Tampa in April they were much better a a memory in their prime MUCH MUCH better. It was ince in a lifetime to see Van Halen in their prime. Dave looka like a stiff eith to much brotox no vocal range

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