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I don't know Joe Struass personally. All I know is that he is the Texas Speaker of the House, is from San Antonio, is a Republican and is Jewish.

I like politics and I like discussing politics. I don't hate the President and I'm 100% sure it's a job I don't want. I support the President and more than likely will vote for him again. Am I ecstatic over his job performance, no I am not but that doesn't mean I think someone else could have done better. I want the President to make me feel that everything in our great Country is ok. He did it when he was running initially for President and my bet is that he will do it again.

So what does my opinion of the President that have to do with Joe Strauss?

If you look on the web in my geographic area of East Texas, you will see negative advertising against our state representative Lance Gooden. Who is behind it? Empower Texans and Texans for Fiscal Responsibility. Why are they against representative Gooden? The short answer is that Gooden supports Speaker Strauss, a Jew and these "Christian" principled organizations believe the Texas House should be overseen by Christians, not Jews.

This controversy is not new. It came up in 2010 when members of the Texas State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) called for Strauss to be replaced by a "Christian conservative" as Speaker.

Does anyone remember who the speaker was before Strauss? It was Tom Craddock – A True Texas Christian Conservative who almost helped the State return to its conservative Democratic roots. He was every bit the candidate the SREC wanted but he couldn't work with Republicans and Democrats to get anything accomplished that was in the best interest of the state. He was a complete divider.

Today the Empower Texans and Texans for Fiscal Responsibility continue to bash home the message that even Republicans are not conservative enough. Republican Lance Gooden's opponent Stewart Spitzer is endorsed by the groups. I commend Spitzer for his religious beliefs. Both he and Gooden are Christians.

Spitzer supporters want Gooden out so they can have a vote for a "Christian conservative" to be the Texas Speaker. I can't sit idly by without speaking my mind here. I love my community and have stood shoulder to shoulder with my Christian friends to keep our religious freedoms alive and well in Athens. I will not stand shoulder to shoulder with people who will vote out our State Representative only because he supports a Jewish Speaker of the House.

If Spitzer or his supporters reads this post, I hope they will come forward and say that while he appreciates the support of "true" conservatives, he is not anti-semitic and does not believe the only person capable of being our Speaker of the House is a Christian. This type of thinking is exactly why we as East Texans have not turned the corner on racial issues and other discrimination that exists in our community.

If Spitzer is in politics only to put Christian conservatives into office, he needs to man up right now and say it so the rest of us that may not share in those religious principles as a matter of birth will now how he intends to lead and treat us if elected. And please don't tell me that just because you love Jesus or have a few Jewish friends, you're not anti-semitic. I'm sure Blacks really get sick of hearing white people say I'm not a racist, my buddy Joey is Black.

Lets do what's best for Texas and get along in Austin like we used to instead of how things got off track when we had to start deciding how conservative was truly conservative to do anything good for everyone in this great State.

Drive Safe – X THA TXT

Say No to Distracted Driving

Jeff Weinstein


  1. Gravatar for Missy Bason

    Great post, Jeff. Don't know how popular you will be after baring your soul, but I completely agree with you, not that it matters. Good luck on stirring the pot. One of my favorite things to do!

  2. Gravatar for Lori

    Gooden being criticized by Empower Texas likely has more to do with his D rating for fiscal responsibility.

    As far as Strauss is concerned, the fact is that we support Judeo Christian values. It has nothing to do with being Jewish or not. It is totally about conservative values. The anti-semetic comments were drummed up against my husband (SREC committeeman) to draw attention away from the true issue - who is conservative and who is not. He originally supported Leo Berman, another Jewish man, for Speaker. When he withdrew from the race, our support went for Ken Paxton because he was the true conservative in the race. Strauss has gambling ties, planned parenthood ties and there is much more if you do your research. David Barton detailed the Strauss situation if you care to get the facts.

  3. Gravatar for Jeff Weinstein

    Lori, Berman is Episcopalian. I find it funny that just because he has a Jewish sounding last name you assume he's Jewish.

    I did my research and I have the facts. Your husband owes every Jewish person an apology for the anti-semitic emails he sent.

  4. Gravatar for Lori

    Ask Mr. Berman if he is Jewish. He is indeed Jewish by heritage. I know the intent of my husband and it was not a slam on the Jewish community. Again - the anti-semitic accusation was from the LIBERALS. Conservatism is our priority!! Unfortunately liberals run as Republicans because it is politically expedient.

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