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Many Texans may not know that there are four counties included in the recent BP settlement claim's fund: Galveston, Chambers, Jefferson and Orange Counties.

If you own or leased property from April 20, 2010 through April 16, 2012 you may be entitled to make a civic claim for money damages. Without question, the BP oil spill had a negative effect on the prices of homes and land in the region. I have read the settlement agreement several times and I can assure you that filing a claim is no easy task. I'm sure the intent of the BP settlement claims committee was to simply and streamline this process but it is a very complicated process that more than likely requires an attorney to assist in filling out the appropriate information.

In addition, any business within Galveston, Chambers, Jefferson and Chambers may also make a claim. While there are a few exceptions, most businesses will qualify for a right to recive settlement funds from the BP settlement. So for example, realtors, doctors, dentists, florisis, etc… are all eligible to make a claim.

If you live in Galveston, Chambers, Jefferson or Orange County in Texas, you can protect your legal rights to file a claim in the BP settlement claims process. Many claims do not require any causation showing by you of the damages you sustained. That means many claims do not require a showing that the BP oil spill was actually the cause of any downturn in your business. That is really good news for for those interested in making a claim. Proving causation might be extremely difficult.

I think it is also good to note that these claims are not limited to fishing only related claims. When business goes down substantially for any one business that might be a primary revenue source regionally, all businesses in the region are harmed. We can easily see how fishing, tourism, restaurants and hotels were affected by the BP oil spill. However, the tenicles of economic harm went much deeper than the obvious. When small businesses have to fire people because they can't make payroll due to decreases in business locally, the impact becomes very real to every business in the region.

While cities are not included in the settlement, I think cities will also end up making claims for lost tax revenue.

If you live in one of the four Texas Counties (Galveston, Chambers, Jefferson & Orange) involved in the BP oil spill region and want to learn your legal rights, please call.

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Jeff Weinstein


  1. Gravatar for Tim  George

    Brazoria County should be included. My wetland property in Bar X Ranch is showing signs of environmental damage. The Coast Guard is yet to return my call to inspect my property.

  2. Gravatar for Jeff Weinstein


    Sorry, Brazoria County is not included in the current settlement. I don't' know what the Coast Guard can do for you. I wonder if the ag extension agent could help you in some way??? Good luck,


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