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As complicated as the BP Oil Spill Settlement Claims process is, there are several businesses included that should consider whether to file a claim. This list is not all inclusive but gives you a good idea what businesses are included in the BP Oil Spill Claims Settlement:

Condominium Owners
Cleaning Service Owners
Landscaping Company Owners
Boat Owners for Commercial Fishing
Marina Owners
Dock Owners
Pier Owners
BP Claims for Hotels
Boat Ramp Owners
Restaurant Owners
Bar Owners
Concrete Company Owners
Hotel Installation Business Owners
BP Claims for Property Owners/Managers
Owners of Transportation Companies
Commercial Painting Companies Owners
BP Claims for Property Value Loss
Construction Company Owners
Liquor Stores
Taxi Drivers
Limousine Drivers
Vacation Home Owners
Antique Shops
Memorabilia Shops
Tour Business Owners

This list is not all inclusive. The issue for Texas claimants is that as a Claim C or Claim D claimant, business owners will have to show through detailed financial records that the business lost money after the BP Oil Spill and then gradually began to show increases in their business.

There are also claims for failed businesses as well as start up businesses.

If you would like a free evaluation to determine whether your Texas BP Oil Spill Claim is worth pursuing, please don't hesitate to call our office.

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