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In a recent study conducted by Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and State Farm, the data verified that teen drivers sustain head injuries in a fairly substantial number of car accidents. The data used included over 55,000 teenage drivers. A conclusion reached was that thirty percent (30%) of the teenagers and their passengers suffered a head injury including skull fractures or concussions.

State Farm's Chris Mullen said "States with comprehensive Graduated Driving Laws (GDL) have lower fatality rates than those with weaker laws."

Most of the literature on teenage drivers indicates that car wrecks are the single largest killer of teenagers.

A suggestion from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and State Farm study opined that strengthening of GDL laws would be helpful in reducing the number of injuries and deaths related to car crashes.

If your child is involved in a collision and complains of headaches, please don't take these complaints lightly. This study shows that one in three teenagers involved in collisions might have a head injury resulting from the accident. These injuries further seem to be masked by aches and pains commonly associated with a car wreck.

In Texas, it might be difficult to talk a health care provider into performing an MRI or CT scan to investigate a head injury. Many health insurance companies commonly refuse to approve the tests. If your teenager has been involved in an accident that might have caused a head injury, be forceful but respectful as you demand the testing to confirm or deny any head trauma. The squeaky wheel really does be greased when it comes to being persistent with your health insurance provider as well as medical providers.

Drive Safe – X THA TXT

Say No to Distracted Driving

Jeff Weinstein, Personal Injury lawyer

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    State Farm Trent

    Can't say that I'm surprised to learn this information. GDL's are a great thing. Kids may not like them, but they save lives.

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