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Reports now exist of claims related to Pradaxa® that have resulted in Internal Bleeding, Hemorrhage, or Death. What is Pradaxa® and what is it prescribed for?

Pradaxa® is prescribed for the treatment of atrial fibrillation (afib). The drug has been linked to serious internal bleeding, hemorrhaging and death. The problem appears to be that once serious internal bleeding begins,there is no antidote to stop the bleeding. This is truly horrible. Can you imagine that once you start bleeding, physicians have no way to stop the bleeding? A person who suffers from internal bleeding while on this drug will simply continue to bleed until they die. There is no way today to stop the bleeding.

We will continue to stay on the frontline to learn about updates and new warnings on this drug and its side effects. If you or someone you know is on this drug, please stay in touch with your physician to make sure sure that you are checked frequently to make sure side effects are minimized.

Jeff Weinstein


  1. Gravatar for Dee Trooth

    You attorneys are sucking the blood out of the afib patients. Pradaxa works. It is 35% more effective than Coumadin. Coumadin causes more bleeds, particularly BRAIN bleeds. But now that there are generics, there is no-one to sue, right?

    You should learn how to spell "prescribed"... not "proscribed"... dummy.

  2. Gravatar for Jeff Weinstein

    Dear Dee Trooth,

    Thank you for your post. Sorry, for the spelling. It was a long day yesterday. I appreciate your comments. Have a great day.

    Take care,


  3. Gravatar for Sue

    Thanks for bringing this really serious problem to light. It's amazing how many people take Pradaxa, and have no idea there is no remedy.

    Or, they ignore the risks, thinking "it will never happen to me." What happens if you're in a car accident? There is nothing the medical community can do for you, but to watch you bleed to death. This drug should never have been approved by the FDA.

  4. Gravatar for Stacy

    Thank you Jeff for informing the public of the dangers of medications. Even though 'possible side effects' are listed, it is not until actual occurrences of horrible instances arise that these medications and risks are taken seriously. My grandmother is on afib meds and I know that I do not want my loved ones to die of internal bleeding if it can be avoided. How terrible a demise if you don't even know you are bleeding to death from the inside out, or not being able to stop it.

    I appreciate all of your efforts and dedication to giving to the community as knowledge is power.

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