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Wisconsin – Not Serious About Dangers of Cell Phone Use & Driving

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I just read a post by Dennis Appleton of Madison, Wisconsin. Thank you Dennis for bringing this to our attention. Really, a $20.00 fine for cell phone use and driving by young drivers. This is when government shows its true colors. Ridiculous.

For cussing in Wisconsin the fine is $500.00. Please tell me the last time cussing killed someone. You can scream cuss words until you are blue in the face and you will not kill anyone unless they hold their breath or have a hear attack.

Don't look up from your cell phone for a couple of seconds, kill a car load of people and get fined $20.00. OK, people will say I went straight to the extreme. How about this? Don't look up from your cellphone while driving for a couple of seconds, almost kill someone but miss and then get a ticket for $20.00. Now what happens? That's right, pay the $20.00 and do it again tomorrow since your chances of getting caught are minimal. Why? Police too busy writing tickets for cursing on a city bus. Better economics, $500.00 ticket vs. $20.00.

I may get in trouble for this but dear Wisconsin legislators, please pull your head out of the cheese and see $20.00 isn't going to do much of anything except tell people you don't value your citizens lives.

Drive Safe – X THA TXT

Jeff Weinstein, Personal Injury lawyer

1 Comment

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    I feel the need to revise a comment above. It’s not government that I was venting about. It’s the Wisconsin legislators who have said that cussing is more dangerous in Wisconsin than distracted driving. A $20.00 ticket will not do anything to curb injuries and deaths caused by teenage texters. I wouldn’t even consider it a good first step.