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Who Should Make a BP Oil Spill Claim in Islamorada, Florida?

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If you are trying to figure out whether you or your business are included in the new BP Oil Claim Settlement, here is a list of just a few businesses that qualify:

1. A condominium owner that rents out their condominium;

2. Cleaning Services throughout the Florida Keys

3. Landscape companies

4. Boat Owners for Commercial Fishing

5. Fishing Captains

6. Marina Owners

7. Marina Management Companies

8. Property Management Companies

9. Dock Owners

10.Pier Owners

11.Hotel Owners and/or Operators

12.Boat Ramp Owners

13.Restaurant Owners

14.Bar Owners

15.Concrete Company Owners

16.Hotel Installation Business Owners

17.Transportation Company Owners

18.Commercial Painting Company Owners

19.Claims for Property Value Loss

20.Construction Company Owners



23.Liquor Store Owners

24.Taxi Companies and Taxi Drivers


26.Vacation Home Owners that Rent their Homes out

27.Antique Shop Owners

28.Memorabilia Shop Owners

29.Tour Business Owners

30.Grocery Stores and Convenience Stores

31.Churches and Non-Profits in the Florida Keys

32.Water Recreation Companies

33.Boat Rental and Charter Companies

You can see that the list could go on and on. Every time above that the list says owner I am sure there are many employees or service providers that are also included. Employees, waiters, waitresses and bartenders have claims.

Even if you have already collected money, you may still be entitled to make another claim depending upon whether you have already executed a full and final release. If you have not signed a full and final release, you may proceed with making another BP oil spill claim.

The reason I have selected Islamorada to help people with their BP Claims is I have always loved this area in the Keys and I want to make sure that this are is truly protected. Because Islamorada, Florida is in Zone A of the Settlement Agreement, it is unnecessary to prove that the Deepwater Horizon Spill actually caused the business or economic loss. However, you must still provide financial data to support your claim.

If you would like to discuss your BP Oil Claim in Islamorada, Florida, please contact our office at +1 (305) 359-3721.

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