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How Long Will BP Oil Spill Effect Texas Counties: Galveston, Chambers, Jefferson & Orange.

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Reports of fishing catches in the Gulf for the second full year since the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf are not good. In fact, the catches are down, way down. I know we shouldn't expect everything to be ok but I think we all begin to feel as though things must be ok when we don't see the oil spill front and center on the evening news.

How will this information of poor catches affect Galveston, Chambers, Jefferson and Orange Counties? Obviously, if the fish catches are not good in Louisiana, the Texas Coast suffers as well. How long will the Gulf Oil Spill effect us here in Texas?

Some are saying that it's hard to predict the true effects of the oil spill but my thoughts are that we are years away from really knowing. I hope that the recovery doesn't take long but I'm afraid it's wishful thinking.

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