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Classifications for BP Oil Spill Claims in Islamorada, Florida

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I have attached a few of the exhibits to the new BP Oil Claim Settlement Agreement. There are many classifications of claims including: business economic loss claims, compensation for multi-facility businesses, failed business compensation framework, framework for start up business claims, individual economic loss claims, compensation related to a claimant's loss of employment related benefits, framework for subsistence claims, seafood compensation plan and coastal real property claims.

You may be entitled to make a claim under multiple categories. All of this is going to be determined by how your financial information is presented on your behalf. Please consider discussing your potential BP Oil Spill Claims with someone that truly understands the ins and outs of the settlement agreement. It's ok to ask if the person helping you will actually be working on the file or simply sending the file to someone else to handle the file.

If you have a business or real property in Islamorada, Florida, please allow us the opportunity to provide a free consultation for you.

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