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BP Oil Spill Islamorada Florida Claims

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Is the ecological fallout from the BP Oil Spill from 2010 over? Absolutely not. Just recently, defects are being seen in fish. The latest reports from biologists suggest the oil is still present and the danger to fish still exists. One example is the number of dolphins that are dying. The number is much higher than normal.

That's why the BP Oil Settlement is of such great interest to me. I'm more concerned today than ever that claims should be filed for business owners to be fairly compensated by the BP oil spill. Failure to file a claim coupled with the chance that the future fallout will be as great as the economic damages immediately after the spill lead me to believe that recovering fair compensation now is absolutely necessary.

I have spent a lot of time in Islamorada, Florida. It doesn't take much time there to understand that if the oil reaches the reefs nearby, the community will suffer more than they have thus far. Tourism is driven by fishing. Reefs destroyed by oil, no fishing. No fishing, well you might as well shut down most of the village.

Just about any business that existed in Islamorada in April 2010 through December 2010 is included in the BP oil spill settlement. From tourism to real estate to restaurants to service providers like plumbers – a claim should be considered. Even if you have previously received settlement funds from the BP incident, please think about submitting another claim. You may be entitled to additional settlement funds from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.

Please call if you would like to discuss your claim options. The settlement agreement and exhibits are over 1000 pages. I'm happy to share with you my impressions after reading through it many times.

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