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BP Oil Claims in the Florida Keys

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There is a very real BP Oil Claim settlement that should fairly compensate individuals and businesses in the Florida Keys. Yes, claims have been ongoing since the tragedy in April, 2010. The difference now is that we have something in writing that has been approved by a Court that sets out specifically who can make a claim and what the parameters are for determining the value of a claim.

I have met many people that have yet to file a BP Oil Claim. The reasons for not filing a claim are varied. The biggest concern is how can I show my financial loss. Most of this information is contained within tax returns. This is obviously very sensitive personal information. The key to helping someone receive fair compensation is to accurately present the financial data in the light most favorable to each individual's personal circumstances. No two claims are truly going to be exactly alike.

If you have not filed a claim or if you have previously filed a BP Oil Claim but you have not signed a release, please consider whether the time is ripe for you to discuss your BP Oil Claim with someone that understands the ins and outs of the 1000 page settlement agreement. Filing a claim that truly represents the long term financial effects of this disaster will require knowing you and your business. Tax returns are just the beginning. Understanding the cyclical nature of your business and the opportunities that existed as well as those that were lost will also be very important.

Our BP Oil Spill Claim team would truly appreciate the opportunity to sit down with you at your convenience to discuss the entire claims process.

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