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BP Claims Process Approved for Texas Counties: Galveston, Chambers, Jefferson & Orange

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If you have an economic or medical claim resulting from the BP Gulf Oil Spill, the clock is now running on filing a claim with the settlement reached in the Multi-District Litigation pending in New Orleans. The initial settlement was announced in early March, 2012. The Court has now approved the settlement. BP has funded the settlement with a $20 Billion Trust. The settlement approved includes claims for economic loss related to the Gulf seafood industry and a fund to support continued advertising that promotes Gulf Coast tourism. While BP has agreed to being allowing payments now before final approval of the pending litigation, BP retains the right to appeal every claim. This is going to be a very interesting process. My belief is that if you have a valid claim, whether large or small, this is going to be a complex, tedious claims process. Any potential claim will need to be supported by accounting and bookkeeping dating back before the BP Gulf Oil Spill. Many people directly effected by the Gulf Oil Spill were probably not keeping accounting records that may be necessary to receive payment under the settlement agreement. If you need help looking into your potential claim, please call a lawyer that can explain the ins and outs of the settlement to you and help you file your claim for the fair compensation you are entitled to receive from the BP settlement fund.

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