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NBA, LeBron James, Social Media and Twitter – Not in Any Particular Order

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It was already a tough call for me. The Longhorn Lawyer deciding whether to pull for anything from Oklahoma or cheer for the Big "3" who tried to take out my Mavericks last year. I opted for Oklahoma and the Thunder because Kevin Durant played one year for UT before bolting to the NBA for super stardom.

Things looked pretty good for the Thunder until game 2. Once the Heat won game 2 in OKC I didn't feel as though the Thunder had the "I've been there" mentality to take it all the way to the end. Too bad this time I was right.

LeBron had taken a break from social media to concentrate on the playoffs. He had been on radio silence for the twitter world since late April. Once the Heat claimed the title it didn't take the superstar long to tweet this short note this morning:

LeBron James


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I love you guys. This was for youlebronjames.com/2012/06/22/201…

22 Jun 12

You want to hear some crazy stats? The NBA including the league, teams and player accounts combined for over 100 million fans on Facebook and Twitter during last year's playoffs. It is believed that this number almost tripled to 280 million fans on Facebook and Twitter this year. Holy Moly!

Over 300 NBA players are on Twitter. LeBron's social media stats? Almost 5,000,000 Twitter followers and 10,000,000 Facebook likes. Can I have another Holy Moly!

I have a little over 100 Twitter followers and 2000 Facebook friends. If my goal is to reach LeBron's social stats, I better get a move on.

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