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Former NFL Players Allege Head Trauma

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I love football. Up until the time Christi and I married, I had a season ticket to the Cowboys and watched football each and every weekend during football season. I don't know if it's because I played growing up or it's just a thing you either like or you just don't like.

I remember my senior year at Paschal High School in Fort Worth. Every year we were a warm-up game for the Longview Lobos who were great then and still continue to be an awesome East Texas football powerhouse. I wasn't very good but I was on the kick off team. Our kicker kicked off to the start the game and I began running down the field. All of a sudden i was hit so hard that I literally don't remember anything else from the game, not even the 4 hour bus ride home. Of course I didn't ever tell a coach or the one team trainer we had because you were a real wimp in those days if you told anyone that you got your bell rung.

This week 126 former NFL players filed suit claiming neurological conditions and symptoms related to head trauma. No question about it, these guys surely suffered numerous head related traumas. The case is filed against the NFL.

I see this case as possibly being a great case for an open discussion about brain traumas but I'm worried that former NFL players may not make the best Plaintiffs due to the very violent nature of professional football. Whatever information that comes to light concerning the number of hits and their effects on players will certainly be beneficial to not only current NFL players but football players at all levels and hopefully future players.

For more information, check out www.NFLConcussionLitigation.com.

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