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Brainsong – We Support You Micah Jones

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Micah Jones from Zanesville, Ohio, was struck by a drunk driver on July 9, 2004. She is now 31 years of age and on a mission to help others that suffer from traumatic brain injuries.

Her most recent accomplishment – the Governor of Ohio has signed into law that July 9 shall be recognized as Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Day. The sad reality is that Micah's short term and long term memory loss prevent her from remembering much about the legislative process that lead to the signing of the law by Governor John Kasich.

It is amazing when you think about the number of people just in Ohio that are affected by brain injuries. 120,000 Ohio residents suffer from some form of brain or head injury.

Micah's tragic accident happened while she was a student at Middle Tennessee State University. She was studying music and was one month away from graduating. The facts of the case are so disturbing. Micah was attempting to catch a cab when she was struck by a drunk driver whose blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. The driver of the vehicle, an off duty police officer. It took her over six months to learn things we all take for granted: walking, writing and speaking.

Her best therapy – speaking with others that have head injuries in the hope that they can all benefit from sharing their experiences.

Good luck Micah and Congratulations on your efforts.

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