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Home Safety Precautions for Toddlers


How many of us have dressers that we load up on top with heavy items like televisions and other home decorations? I read a tragic story where a two year old girl used her stool to reach up to a television on a family dresser. The dresser fell over on top of her with both the dresser and the television hitting her in the head. The child has died from her traumatic brain injury.

Many dressers today are made with safety hooks in the back that can be attached to the wall. Television also can be mounted directly to the wall instead of sitting unattached on top of a dresser. Children are attracted to items like televisions and other colorful items that may be placed on the top of a dresser. We can't watch our children every moment of every day but we can attempt to "child proof" our homes. Some suggestions for childproofing the house include:

  1. Cover electrical outlets so small hands can't fit into the sockets or so that children can't place something in the sockets.
  2. Place latches on cabinets.
  3. Keep household cleaners and other chemicals outside the reach of children.
  4. Place stair gates at the bottom and top of stairs to prevent children from falling down stairwells.
  5. Anchor stoves, dressers and other furniture to the wall for support.
  6. Close off rooms to your home that are not childproofed or being used.
  7. Prevent drowning by not allowing tubs of water to stand unless you are bathing a child.

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  1. Randi says:
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    Its so sad to hear when something like this happens. Thanks for sharing your suggestions. Safety is something we cannot be reminded enough of.

  2. Bill clark says:
    up arrow

    I believe the parents at home should take every precaution with safety in their home. I believe the seven safety tips you have commented on are great ideas.

    Also the texting driving there is not enough words or comments that can be used in order to stop the texting and driving. I have said before the police can play a very big part in stopping the texting and driving just by them not using their phones on duty in their police cars.