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Jeff Weinstein

Why would we doubt dangers of repeated head trauma in Sports?

With professional football players claiming injuries from years of head trauma, the discussion on the extent of brain injuries and its relationship to depression is now front and center news….

Jeff Weinstein

Young Bicyclist Dangers, Accidents & Injuries

My children may never know the true dangers of riding a bicycle in the neighborhood. We live in a gated community off a farm to market road so they are kind of land locked realizing it is much…

Jeff Weinstein

How Safe is Your Fast Food Meal – Food Poisoning?

This past week Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) was ordered to pay 8.3 million dollars in an Australian Court to Monika Samaan for damages caused by contaminated food. Monica suffered salmonella…

Jeff Weinstein

Thank you Stephen Covey for Wearing Your Bicycle Helmet!

I love Stephen Covey's books. They just make sense to me. I'm sure many of you know of Covey through his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

Covey is recovering today…

Jeff Weinstein

State Farm Finds Teen Drivers Suffer High Percentage of Head Injuries from Car Accidents

In a recent study conducted by Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and State Farm, the data verified that teen drivers sustain head injuries in a fairly substantial number of car accidents….

Jeff Weinstein

Former NFL Players Allege Head Trauma

I love football. Up until the time Christi and I married, I had a season ticket to the Cowboys and watched football each and every weekend during football season. I don't know if it's…

Jeff Weinstein

Brainsong – We Support You Micah Jones

Micah Jones from Zanesville, Ohio, was struck by a drunk driver on July 9, 2004. She is now 31 years of age and on a mission to help others that suffer from traumatic brain injuries.

Her most…

Jeff Weinstein

New birth injury (brachial plexus) analysis using national birth database

This is an email I received from Dr. Michael Freeman. His research is absolutely amazing. I am amazed every time I hear from him:

I have written in the past about the utility of the…

Jeff Weinstein

Thank You Paul Allen

For 14 years my sweet little baby Avery has dealt with various diagnosis that run from Tourettes to Aspergers to high functioning autism. All I know is that she is the sweetest, greatest gift…

Jeff Weinstein

Hoosiers Recognize March as Brain Injury Awareness Month

When I think of Hoosiers, I think of our amazing friends, the Nagy family from South Bend, and incredible basketball. This month I add awareness of brain injuries to my Hoosier list….