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Why do Teens Text and Drive – Number 1 Answer “I don’t know”

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Ask a group of teens whether they text and drive? If you are sincere in wanting to know and promise not to rat them out to their parents, they will be completely honest with you. Once they admit to using a cell phone and driving, ask them why they text and drive. My experience is that the number one answer will be "I don't know." Several other answers include being bored while driving as well as instructions from parents to always pick up the call if parents are calling.

Here's a great article on a new survey of distracted driving by Bridgestone Americas, Inc.


I agree 100% with the finding by Bridgestone that teenagers just don't believe anything bad wil happen to them if they text and drive or use a cell phone and drive because in most cases they have not been in an accident – yet.

These findings were taken directly from the report:

  1. One-third of those surveyed admit to reading text messages while driving
  2. Two-thirds of respondents believe they are “very safe” drivers; but only half of them say their parents would agree with that assessment
  3. A quarter of those surveyed do not believe that talking on the phone while driving is dangerous;
  4. Overall, girls engage in distractions behind the wheel far more than boys, and
  5. Teenagers and young adults say their parents engage in distracted driving more than themselves.

While the information is dead on what I find in my daily discussions, the question I have is how do we get people to not only realize the danger but stop engaging in the conduct.

Drive Safe – X THA TXT

Say No to Distracted Driving

Jeff Weinstein, Dallas injury lawyer

1 Comment

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  1. Jacob Wimberley says:
    up arrow

    I would agree that the mindset is “nothing bad will happen”.

    Unfortunately, it seems like only when a fellow student or loved one is lost in an accident are the dangers of texting and driving finally realized.