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What is wrong with our society? Leaving the scene of an Accident where people are obviously hurt?


It doesn't matter to me if this happens in Camden, NJ, or in Athens, Texas. You can never explain to me how someone can hit another person with their car, get out and see that someone is hurt and leave the scene of the collision. Seriously, what the heck is wrong with us?

I understand that accounts of how the collision occurred are somewhat in dispute. The newspaper reported that Michelle Macinnes was walking near Exit 4 on Interstate 676. The comments to the story indicate she was a rear seat passenger in a car. It appears that Ms. Macinnes was going to a concert with several friends and there was the type of traffic we would expect near the concert venue.

Witnesses stated that the people inside the vehicle that struck Macinnes got out, appeared to notice that Macinnes was seriously injured, got back into their car and drove off without anyone getting their license plate.

Ms. Macinnes has died from the injuries she received.

Please explain to me how someone doesn't stay and do whatever they can to help. I don't get it. I want to believe that living in the greatest country on the face of the planet means that we care enough about one another to at least try to do the right thing. I understand the hit and run driver may not have been a doctor or medical provider. I understand that they may have a reason for not wanting to be present such as outstanding warrants or perhaps drinking and driving. I don't understand how you don't "man up" and help out until first responders arrive and then deal with the consequences as they may fall.

Does anyone else reading about stories like this begin to question our civility as a society. Where does the lack of concern and care truly come from?

My thoughts and prayers are with the Macinnes family. I am truly sorry that the last thought they will have of their loved one is that someone responsible for her death wouldn't even stick around to tell their side of the story and say they were sorry. How horrible and tragic to compound what is already horrible and tragic.

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Jeff Weinstein



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  1. Mark Bello says:
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    Jeff: You hit the nail on the head. “Fear” is the reason that people don’t “man up”. There is a consistent failure of people and corporations, in this country, to accept the consequences of their actions. That’s what leaving the scene of an accident amounts to and that is also what “tort reform” or corporate welfare at the expense of the injured & disabled amounts to. In both scenarios, the perpetrators refuse to be fully responsible for their own actions; they refuse, as you so eloquently put it, to “man up”. This is becoming an epidemic in this country. Even the “greatest country in the world” has some “not so great” corporate and individual citizens. Excellent post topic. Regards, Mark

  2. Stacy says:
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    Our society is ever decreasing in values & morals. Less & less seem to have a conscience anymore or can be held accountable for their actions. Parents are no longer respected or disciplinarians in the home and children rule the nest. Kids become selfish adults, business men, criminals large & small and then parents themselves. And so it just continues to spins out of control. It is very, very sad!!