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Tragic Loss – Teen dies while sending a text that says she should not be texting

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Taylor Sauer sounds like she was an amazing young lady. Taylor lost her life in January of this year when her vehicle traveling approximately 80 miles an hour failed to stop before running into the back of a tanker truck. Taylor was texting at the time immediately before the collision.

Taylor's parents were on "The Today Show" today. It was so sad to watch these parents discuss the loss of their child. Here is the link to "The Today Show" segment. http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/46627015/ns/today-today_people/t/parents-teen-who-died-texting-driving-kids-think-theyre-invincible/#.T1WIvJihDzI

Of the approximately 12,500 students I have spoken to over the last two years I absolutely agree with Taylor's parents when they say they believe children continue to text and drive because teens feel invincible. This has definetly been my sense listening to the reasons why teens text and drive.

I hope parents will watch this segment with their teen drivers and make a pact to refrain from driving and using a cell phone or texting and driving. Both parents and teens need to agree to stop using a cell phone and driving.

Drive Safe – X THA TXT

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