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Texting and Cell Phone Use as Dangerous in Connecticut as it is in Texas – Drive Safe XTHATXT

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Does anyone find it surprising that when state agencies take surveys at schools they now ask about cell phone use and driving? Why? The answer is simple. Texting and cell phone use among teenagers is a public health concern.

What ought to scare everyone to death is that out of 6000 high school and middle school students in Connecticut surveyed, over 50% said they had talked on a cellphone while driving in the month prior to the survey.

A teenager from New Canaan stuck and killed a jogger while using her cell phone. The identity of the teenager has not been released because she is under 18. She was charged by authorities with negligent homicide with a motor vehicle, talking on a handheld telephone under the age of 18 while driving and failure to drive in the proper lane.

Just this week a jury in Massachusetts sentenced a teenager to jail for his involvement in killing a man and seriously injuring his girlfriend.

We are seeing these stories everyday.

My greatest fear now is that we will become so socialized to injuries caused by cell phone use and driving that we will just accept that today 15 to 20 people will be killed – so what, as long as it is not me why do I care? We may actually already be there.

Another note of issue from the survey, teenagers watch what their parents are doing. If you say don't text and drive yet you text and drive in front of your children, what you say has not meaning at all. Period.

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