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One Poor Decision by Driver Distraction in a Car Accident – Devastating Consequences


After speaking with close to 15000 teenage drivers over the last two years, I'm truly concerned with their ability to understand the consequences of a car accident. At least 20% of the teens have already either caused a collision or been involved in an automobile accident. Perhaps they believe since they have already been in an accident that there is no way they can be harmed – the I can survive any collision mentality.

I tried something new yesterday at the Athens High School 9th grade Distracted Driving Presentation. I called upon one of the students that I saw as a distraction in the audience to be the 9th grade monitor. I recruited him to make sure that his fellow class mates did not use a cell phone and drive. Whether it will work or not I don't know and we will not know for at least a couple of years. I do think that those who disrupt the presentation probably are the greatest danger to their communities.

While there are always a few rowdy kids in the presentations, the great majority seem very interested in discussing something they know is a problem for them – cell phone addiction. Of course, they don't call it an addiction. Certainly cavemen had these things so it is not a big deal to spend all day communicating with people by cell phone. My question: Do they understand that one poor decision can have such devastating consequences. I don't know that they do. I think they see it is possible but I don't think they believe it can happen to them.

I'm going to revise my presentation and along with begging for no use of cell phones while driving I think I will also start hammering home a One Poor Decision theme. Why should one poor decision cause so much tragedy? One poor decision is not worth the consequences.

In the video I show, a member of Focus Driven says: "I would not want to cause this much hurt to someone I love or someone I didn't know." One poor decision and the outcome is causing tremendous harm for something so selfish and senseless.

Drive Safe – X THA TXT

Say NO to Distracted Driving

Jeff Weinstein, Dallas injury lawyer


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  1. Scott Williams says:
    up arrow

    Keep up the good work. No doubt that as smart phones continue to get “smarter”, they will become more of a distraction than they are now. Awareness is a big part of the solution, and as early as possible.

  2. Randi says:
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    It is so great to have people like you involved with schools, educating our children on the dangers of distracted driving. Hopefully others will follow your lead. Thank you for caring.