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Number 1 complaint of US drivers – Texting on a cell phone.

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When I ask young drivers whether they favor a ban on texting and driving, 80% will raise their hands and say they are definitely in favor of a ban. What's really scary though is that of the 80% that think there should be a texting ban, 60% of those remaining say they will continue to text and drive even if using a cell phone and driving is illegal.

Consumer Reports recently asked 895 drivers to provide information on their complaints of other drivers. It is absolutely no surprise to me that texting on a cell phone is the number one complaint of those that participated in the survey. Texting and using a cell phone will continue to not only be the number one complaint among drivers but texting and driving will also continue to be the number one cause in the future of deaths and injuries on our roadways.

We have an opportunity now to stop this epidemic. Since we know how dangerous it is, all we have to do is say we will no longer tolerate any further injuries from something that is completely preventable – texting and driving.

Drive Safe – X THA TXT

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