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National Safety Council Statistics Not Accurate

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Go into any high school in the country and ask to speak to a group of high school students. For purposes of your own statistics speak with 20 to 40 students with driver's licenses. Here are a few questions to ask. One, do you use your cell phone and drive. What do you think the percentage will be of students that initially admit to driving and using a cell phone? Next, ask those that were not honest to now answer the question. How many more do you think will fess up? Then ask, how many of you have already been in an accident? What do you think the number will be?

Out of those that have been in an accident, ask how many of the collisions were caused by texting or using a cell phone while driving? What numbers do you get?

The National Safety Council says the number of accidents caused by cell phone use is about 1 in 4. I say that this number is low. My personal research of almost 15,000 students indicates that the number is probably much closer to 1 in 3 if not almost half.

I would be truly interested in hearing how many wrecks your research indicates are caused by texting or using a cell phone and driving.

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