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Missouri State Highway Patrol Urge Legislators to Ban Texting and Driving For All Drivers

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My congratulations to the Missouri State Highway Patrol administration for requesting that Missouri Legislators expand the ban on texting and driving from drivers under the age of 21 to include all drivers. In a recent news conference, trauma surgeons, Missouri State Trooper and a victim's mother spoke out in favor of Missouri becoming the 36th state to ban text messages for all drivers. The surgeons, troopers and the victim's mother were providing education to elementary students on the dangers of distracted driving.

University of Missouri Nursing Professor Lori Popejoy shared how her son Adam, 16, and a passenger died in a car collision that she believes was the result of driver distraction.

How many stories must we hear of parents losing children or families losing loved ones before we say enough is enough and ban distracted driving?

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Say No to Distracted Driving

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