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Green Beer & Driving – Not a Good Combination

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Today is going to be a great day for drinking green beer if that's your thing and watching college basketball. It's never going to be a great day for drinking green beer and driving. I'm sure most of us never go out with the thought that we are going to drink too much and drive. I'm sure most of us don't think we will ever get in a wreck or be the cause of a wreck caused by drinking and driving. I am sure that poor planning and the one beer turns into another beer that turns into another beer is truly where we get ourselves in trouble.

If I was planning a day out on the town today to drink green beer, I would include the following as the number one item on my list: CAB FARE. Since I live in a town with only one cab, I have a couple other options: Ask someone to drive for me that does not drink or walk. Why would I want to have a great day of hanging out, drinking beer, watching hoops and eating wings only to destroy my life or someone else's? It just doesn't make sense but the truth is I have not met many people that make much sense after they become intoxicated.

Be safe today and prepare for your transportation options so you are not left holding your keys when you should not be behind the wheel.

Drive Safe – X THA TXT

Jeff Weinstein, Dallas injury lawyer