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Why Fortune 500 Companies Usually Have Policies Against Cell Phone Use and Driving

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Why do people on the clock feel the need to talk on their cell phone while driving? Most that are using their cell phones and driving will say they are furthering the business of their employers but the TRUE reality is that each cell phone call "bets the farm." Why do I say that?

In over 100 presentations speaking with over 15,000 teenagers and civic leaders I've learned on thing for sure. The person next to you thinks they are a much better driver and can use their cell phone when they drive. Oh, and they are 100% certain, you can't. Of course, if you ask the person next to you, they feel the exact same way except they think they can drive safely with their cell phones but they are 100% certain you can't.

It is no surprise to me that we have recently seen several $20 million dollar verdicts – one in Florida and one Texas. The same people that will dish out multi-million dollar verdicts are the same people that leave the courthouse in their cars and call everyone they know to talk about the justice they just dished out. Why? Optimistic bias. I can do it – you can't. End of story.

Larger companies with safety programs realize it is better to be proactive on procedures and policies. That's why you see procedures that say it is against the rules to use a cell phone and drive. Smaller companies that don't have safety programs don't realize the dangers of allowing employees to put the entire company at risk for phone call or text. This is a no win proposition for the company. If the phone call is for the business then the business should pay because the cell phone call or text was furthering the business. If the phone call is personally related and there is no policy then the company disregarded it's corporate responsibility to protect the general public.

How many more large verdicts will we see? Unfortunately, many more. We are not at the point yet when everyone is willing to acknowledge the dangers of cell phone while driving. My hope is that we continue to provide education that encourages people to put their cell phones away and just drive.

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