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Distracted Driving – World Problem Not Just United States

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Even our friends to the North of us have the same problem we have here in the states, Distracted Driving by using a cell phone is a world wide epidemic. http://www.660news.com/news/local/article/339716–mother-two-kids-in-hospital-after-possible-distracted-driving-crash. This case in Ottawa, Canada, is a perfect example. Thank goodness no one was seriously injured but you have to ask yourself, What phone call was so important that this mother would risk her life and the lives of her children?

I mentioned an Illinois Congressman saying there are long stretches of road in his district where there is little traffic. The episode where a mother leaves the roadway and strikes an object is exactly the reason why a ban should exist.

In many countries, it is illegal to use a cell phone and drive a car. Some will argue that a nationwide ban will not work. I choose to believe that a ban at least would make people think before they engage in such reckless conduct.

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