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Distracted Driving Presentation – Rotary Club of Southlake, Texas


I have been to many Rotary Clubs throughout East Texas and the Dallas – Fort Worth area speaking on the dangers of distracted driving and it was a great honor to have the opportunity to speak with the members of the Southlake Rotary Club. Rotary clubs and other respected civic organizations are a great place to discuss the dangers of Distracted Driving. If I can persuade local business leaders of the need to ban cell phone use and driving, we can make a real impact on this deadly epidemic. Teenage drivers respect and look up to our civic leaders.

Today more than ever I am truly convinced that using a cell phone and driving is one of our most deadly public health issues. We are simply addicted to our cell phones in numbers that should worry everyone in a car today.

The presentation I gave today is very similar to the presentation we give to high school students. I start by showing a public service announcement that is pretty graphic. Here's the web link on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0LCmStIw9E

Once the video is shown, it is easy to make the point of how risky cell phone use and driving truly is. We all know that using a cell phone and texting or talking is dangerous. Yet, for some reason, until we see a video showing a horrific crash and the consequences of a collision that kills, it seems that the dangers of distracted driving are taken for granted.

This killer doesn't care if you are an experienced or an inexperienced driver, whether you are good person or a bad person, or rich or poor. This killer is growing at alarming rates and will continue to do so as we continue to count on our cell phones to be such an integral part of our lives.

I'm not advocating a ban on cell phone use. I'm just hoping to provide enough relevant and valid information to encourage our civic leaders and teenage drivers to say No to using a cell phone and driving.

Drive Safe – X THA TXT

Say NO to Distracted Driving

Jeff Weinstein, Car accident attorney


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  1. greg says:
    up arrow

    Geeze, do-gooders like this are the problem with our culture today. Nibble by nibble every little minuscule risk is legislated.

    Ban ciggarettes, sodas, trans-fat, and now cell phone use; what’s next?

    While we are at it why dont we BAN…

    picking your nose while driving
    tuning the radio while driving
    reading a billboard while driving
    talking with a passenger while driving
    eating or drinking while driving
    only having one hand on the wheel when driving
    reading a map or gps while driving
    combing hair while driving
    the list could go on ad infinitum

    why dont these zealots spend time and money on educating and not pushing for legislating…or just get a life

  2. up arrow

    I usually thank people for their comments. Sorry, don’t have one for you. For the past three years I have traveled throughout East Texas putting on presentations at high schools about the dangers of distracted driving. If this makes me a do gooder – I take that as a compliment.
    How about a challenge? I challenge you (since you question my life) to come to my next presentation and put on your side of the argument. Are you up to it or do you just spend your time dissing people for trying to make our communities safer?
    I look forward to hearing back so we can arrange for you to meet the challenge.
    take care,

  3. up arrow

    I’ve given several presentations since you left your comment. I’m still waiting for you to take me up on my offer to have you present your side of the discussion. Let me know if you are up for a little debate.
    take care,