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Distracted Driving Awareness Month – Texas Department of Transportation

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Car accidents obviously present a huge problem in our State for many reasons: loss of life, injuries, property damage and costs associated with the accidents.

The Texas Department of Transportation created "Talk. Text. Crash." Their program is in its second year. The Texas Department of Transportation is actively involved in Distracted Driving because nationally in 2011 over 81000 accidents were attributed to driver distraction, inattention or using a cell phone.

Today Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood is in San Antonio for Texas' first distracted driving summit. Although I was hoping to attend, my wife's 50th birthday is today so couldn't make it to San Antonio but I know many of my colleagues that support a texting and cell phone ban for motorists in Texas are there.

When you drive home from work today and see someone all over the road, how many of you think that the person is using their cell phone?

Since Governor Perry vetoed the statewide texting ban our only option at this time is to educate as many drivers as we can of the dangers of distracted driving. No one should ever become a statistic of distracted driving or have an accident related to cell phone use and driving since we know how to stop it – just don't use your phone and drive.

The government has a lot of great information to assist you in educating someone on the dangers of distracted driving. Please visit www.distraction.gov for this information. The information you share may save someone's life.

Drive Safe – X THA TXT

Say No to Distracted Driving

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