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Distracted Driving and “I don’t know.”

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I have asked hundreds of young teen drivers over the last three years why they text and drive or use their cell phone and drive. The number one answer "I don't know." This is the answer even after most admit they know using a cell phone and driving is dangerous. They also admit their parents have told them not to use their cell phones and drive. However, almost all that say their parents tell them not to use their phones while driving.

Number two answer, "I get bored when I'm driving." We all get bored when we are driving. Cars today basically lull you into a FALSE sense of security because it truly doesn't take much to drive one. Only problem, it does require your full attention.

The answer to resolving the "I'm bored" issue is not using your cell phone although that's the mindset of drivers today. We must replace the need to maintain communication with education that lets everyone know that a text message or phone call is not worth the risk of harming someone we know or that we don't know.

This weekend take a break from using your phone while you drive and see how it goes.

Drive Safe – X THA TXT

Jeff Weinstein, Dallas injury lawyer

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    SO important thanks for sharing.