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Dallas, TX, 2nd Most Dangerous Drivers in the Country! Fort Worth 12th Most Dangerous!

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According to an article in Men's Health Magazine, Dallas has the 2nd most dangerous drivers in the Nation, second only to St. Louis.


Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Lubbock also were recognized as having dangerous drivers. There were many factors in determining how a city made the list that including number of fatality collisions, seat belt use, traffic accidents and laws on cell phone use. Yes, failure to have stricter laws on prohibiting cell phone use while driving was a factor for determining the most dangerous drivers in the Country.

I'm truly proud to be a Texan but having us known as the State with the most deaths related to drinking and driving and for the failure to have cell phone laws to protect us from distracted driving is something I am down right ashamed of. To me it just says we don't care about our neighbors which certainly isn't something I grew up believing as a Texan. We really need to take this bull by the horns and set an example for the rest of the Country that Texas proud includes safe driving in not only our major metropolitan areas but our entire state.

Thanks to NBC5 DFW for bringing this story to our attention.

Drive Safe – X THA TXT

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  1. Bob says:
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    Paul Harvey put it well, years ago during a long hot summoer. He said, ” You just never know when you might come into contact with someone who is at thte end of their rope”. I’ve really wanted a few times to return the favor to some punk who risks running me off the road just so they can drive like a moron. I will resist the urge…