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Belleville Illinois News Democrat Poll on Hand Held Cellphone and Driving Use

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Don't you love Google? I'm looking throughout the news on distracted driving and find a poll in Belleville, Illinois, on whether the Illinois legislature should pass a ban on drivers talking on hand-held cell phones while driving. What do you think the results were? Those in favor? Those opposed? Those that don't know?

This is from the Belleville News-Democrat. 64% Yes 32% No 4% I don't know. The paper was quick to point out that this was a non-scientific poll.

Many readers chimed in. Comments ranged from why do we have to drive using cell phones when we didn't have to in the past to why don't car drivers have to follow the same rules as professional truck driver which is that only hands free cell phones are allowed and that no texting or computer use is allowed for a driver.

In Illinois, a ban exists on texting while driving or surfing the web.

How would you vote if you were asked to decide whether there should be a ban on cell phone use that isn't hands free if you live in a State that does not have a ban at this time?

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