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Athens Texas Needs A Distracted Driving Ban on Hand Held Cell Phone Use and Texting


If Great Falls, Montana, can pass an ordinance prohibiting hands-on cell phone use and texting and driving in their city limits, why can't we in Athens, Texas. Actually, the ordinance is not yet approved in Great Falls but it is very close and could actually become effective within the next 30ish days once approved.

The police chief of Great Falls requested an exemption for law enforcement. I don't agree. You can't ask the public to stop doing only to see police officers riding around talking on their cellphones. They have radios for official business so my guess is that most cell phone calls for law enforcement are personal, not business calls.

Distracted Driving is dangerous no matter who is driving.

Hopefully, the City of Athens and other cities within Henderson County including Chandler, Brownsboro, Seven Points, Tool, Trinidad, Gun Barrel City, Malakoff, Mabank, Murchison and Eustace will allow entertain an ordinance on banning hand held cellphone use and texting while driving.

Even the city leaders in Eustace have to admit that distracted driving is more dangerous than speeding!

I will again forward a request that an ordinance in Athens be considered to ban hand held cellphone use and to ban texting and driving. There are too many accidents related to Distracted Driving that are 100% preventable if everyone would consider the dangers of Distracted Driving.

Drive Safe – XTHATXT

Say No to Distracted Driving

Jeff Weinstein



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  1. Randi says:
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    I agree. No one at all should use their cell phone while driving. Some people won’t even acknowledge the danger in it. Instead they look for reasons to make it okay. It’s like making an excuse for a habit you do not intend quitting. Thank you for your continued efforts, I believe it does make a difference.

  2. Jacob says:
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    It would be a great step for our community as well as Henderson county in general if an ordinance banning texting while driving was passed.

    Unfortunately, as Randi stated, many people just simply won’t acknowledge that it’s dangerous.

    It’s alarming that with all of the information we have today and new campaigns working to educate and prevent distracted driving, that it’s still a growing trend and isn’t treated with the seriousness it should be.

  3. Ashlie says:
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    I would like to see the ordinance passed. It would be a great start in making the roads safer!