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18 Wheeler Driving Drunk In Louisiana on I-10

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This is the kind of story that you hear about and say – really, are you kidding me. If you have a commercial driver's license and make a nice living, why would you ever jeopardize everything by driving your tractor trailer while you are drunk? Someone who has undergone special training to safely operate an 18 wheeler completely ignores all of their training and experience for a good buzz? I just don't get it.

The reports indicate that Marshall Smith did not stop his tractor trailer until the police set out spike strips some 16 miles away from the third, yes the third, hit and run accident he was involved in. All of this happened while Mr. Smith was driving the wrong way on I-10 in Louisiana.

I hope you are outraged by this incident. I hope you feel like I do that this is just horrible. Fortunately in this incident, no one was killed or seriously injured. It's pretty amazing that Smith didn't seriously injure himself or someone else.

How many more people must be injured or killed before we say that we will no longer tolerate drunk driving? Thank the lord that we are not discussing multiple deaths and multiple serious injuries from this senseless conduct.

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